Human Resources services and training for businesses

Find and Develop the Talent That Will Grow Your Business
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Human Resources services and training for businesses

From INTERIM GROUP, we help you find the talent that will grow your business through selection and temporary staffing services. Additionally, we support the development of that talent through training and HR consultancy services.


Talent selection

Candidates in our own database in 2020

Find the people who will transform your company.

With regards to our human resources services, we’ll help you find profiles with strong strategic vision, such as:

  • Executive positions.
  • Management positions.
  • Middle management roles.

This way, you will drive your organization towards success and goal achievement.


When it comes to innovation, we integrate all our personnel recruitment and selection systems with the latest social platforms.

In doing so, we achieve the widest reach and the best candidate segmentation in the market.

Head Hunting

Our specialized team in Social Recruiting will be at your complete disposal, along with our competency and skills assessment systems. With all of this, we will help you achieve your most ambitious hiring goals.


Corporate training

In-person and online courses

Recognize and empower the talent that will grow your business.

A personalized training plan for your company will help improve your productivity. In this way, you will enhance your employees’ sense of belonging and your brand perception.

This will also help attract new talent to your organization.


Specialists in skills training

Specifically, we specialize in skills and competencies training.

These training programs are aimed at executive achievement, organizational development, and personal growth.

In person and online training

We provide customized training for companies across all sectors.

Furthermore, all courses are tailored to the specific needs of the teams receiving them.


Temporary job

Managed annual contracts

Find temporary staff to cover increases in your production.

With regards to our temporary staffing services in human resources: we select, hire, and provide qualified personnel for your needs.

We do all of this quickly and easily.

Moreover, we specialize in sectors such as:

  • Agriculture and food processing
  • Food industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Chemical industry
  • Ceramics and building materials
  • Graphic arts
  • etc.

Effectiveness and speed

In short, you will find the staff you need quickly and effectively.

This way, your production will not stop at times of greatest need.

Specialization and experience

Specifically, you will have the support of consultants specialized in your sector. Therefore, we have a multidisciplinary team with more than 7 years of experience.


HR consultancy


The innovative strategy that will make your business stand out.

Strategic human resources planning is essential for attracting talent.

Through our HR services, we support you in managing key processes for your growth:

  • Equality plans: Our certified equality agents assist you in implementing a tailored plan.
  • HR Development: Job descriptions, performance evaluations, Executive Development Programs…
  • Administrative-Labor Management: Assistance with subsidies management, tenders, and occupational risk management.
  • In-house Services: We manage your staffing needs directly from your premises.

Agility and expertise

We respond promptly. This is made possible by our experience in administrative-labor management and our agility in HR development processes.



We assist you with the proximity that characterizes our consultants and consulting partners.



Services per year

Comprehensive solutions for the growth of your company.

When it comes to outsourcing services, we help you access specialized teams in:

  • Logistics services.
  • Industrial services.
  • Facility services.
  • Task force.
  • Driving and monitoring.

Additionally, we specialize in outsourcing services for the transportation sector, including school, medical, and adapted routes.

For instance, we manage over 100 routes annually.


We variable costs. 90% of our services are budgeted and managed based on unit managed success.


We work towards optimizing the service with measurable objectives. Accordingly, goals are set for each project, with monthly progress reports and meetings for follow-up.


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