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The value of companies lies in the people who form them.
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At INTERIM GROUP we help people achieve the professional challenge that will boost their career. And  we help companies find and train the talent that will help them grow.

Find talent

We support you in the search, selection and training of personnel for your company. Whether at an operational level or at a management level.  Find and enhance the talent that will make your company grow.

Find a job

We periodically publish and manage  job offers in multiple locations and sectors. Check our job offers and sign up for the one that best fits your profile and skills.

+ 25 years of experience

We accompany you throughout the entire HR management process in your company.

We have been backed by the trust of all our clients for over 25 years.

We are here to help youtrain your teams and improve your company.


HR services for companies

Talent selection

Find the perfect candidate to grow your business. At INTERIM GROUP we select specialized candidates for executive and managerial positions. Thanks to our specialized knowledge of your sector, we give you the confidence you need as an HR provider.


Take care of the human potential of your employees. And so, take advantage of the talent that exists in your company. We design a training plan with you, tailored to your organization. In addition, we adapt it to the needs of your employees. Either through in-person or online training.

HR Consulting

Strategic planning at the level of your HR is essential to boost your company and attract talent. For this reason, at INTERIM GROUP we help you implement your Equality Plan and implement development processes for your HR. In addition to, other inhouse management services.

ETT | Temporary work

We select and provide companies with qualified temporary staff. At INTERIM GROUP , we adapt to the needs of our clients. Thus, we offer a personalized and rigorous service. All of this, thanks to more than 20 years of professional experience.


Optimize your resources and focus on what is important. INTERIM GROUP ‘s outsourcing services will provide your company with innovative and personalized solutions. In addition, we quickly provide you with teams of trained and specialized personnel.

Placement agency

We work with employment agencies at state, regional and local levels. In this way, we help people looking for work and companies in need of staff by improving the employability of candidates.


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